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Khamis, 13 Februari 2014

CONTINUOUS WRITING : staying in an apartment is better than staying in a house

     A house is a landed property which has its own yard. There are many types of houses such as bungalows, terrace, semi-detached, single-storey, and double-storey houses. Apartments are normally smaller compared to houses. They are built on top of one another. Apartments buildings can range between two to 40-storeys high. Some apartment buildings are even higher than 40-storeys. However, I disagree that staying in an apartment is better than staying in a house. I prefer staying in a house because I can do more things. Staying in a house is better than staying in an apartment because it is more spacious and convenient.
     If I live in a house, I will have garden where I can grow plants and flowers. There are very nice to look at. Working in the garden is also a good way to exercise and relieve stress. Gardening is a good form of recreation because we can enjoy the fresh air while we work out a sweat. Watching our own flowers bloom also given us an added satisfaction.
     Living in a house also allows me to keep a pet. There will be plenty of space for my pet to run and play in the garden. Rearing a pet in an apartmentis difficult. The pet will not enough space to run and play. It must also be kept inside the apartment because there is no garden.
     Staying in a house is also safer and more convenient. A house has a porch where we can park our car. It is safer to park our car in the porch of our own house than in a common car park of an apartment block. A common car park at an apartment block is normally an open space and it is sometimes dark at certain areas. We may also have to walk for quite a distance before we reach our apartment, so it could be dangerous as we do not know if there are any criminals who may lurking. A common car park is also unsafe for us to park our vehicles as our cars may be stolen or broken into. So, it is safer if we stay in  a house where we can park our cars in our own porch.
     Staying in a house is also more fun. Since it is more spacious than an apartment, we can hold various functions in our house such as barbecues and birthday parties. Houses also provide better ventilation as it has more doors and windows compared to apartments. We also do not have to use the lift, so it is faster, safer, and more convenient to stay in a house. Therefore, staying in a house is definitely better than staying in an apartment.

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