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Jumaat, 23 September 2016

CONTINUOUS WRITING : Living in the city is better than living in the countryside.

When asked if one would prefer to live in the city or in the countryside, the answer will certainly differ. Some people prefer to live in the country while don’t. As for me, I prefer to live in the city. To me, living in the city is certainly better than living in the countryside. I have my own reasons for thinking so.

The city has modern facilities and services. This makes life more enjoyable and exciting. For example, I can go to one of the many shopping complexes and hypermarkets every weekend. Being a lover of clothes and fashion, my favourite pastime is shopping. On many occasions, I just go to shopping complexes to window shop. That is fun too. I can also watch movie in a cineplex equipped with the latest sound system with my friends. This is the kind of entertainment which I would not get in the countryside.

There are many types of restaurants which I can go to in the city such as Chinese, Thai, western and many others. Even among the western restaurants, there is a vast variety of restaurants and cafes which German, Italian, French, American and cuisines from other western countries.

In terms of pursuing higher education, school – leavers in the city have a variety of universities and colleges to choose from. However, in smaller towns, there might just be one or two colleges while some have none. These small town colleges are usually badly managed with poor facilities unlike the ones in the city. Of course, outstation students can always stay in the hostel or rent rooms but it is better to stay with one’s family when one is studying in a college.

City folks have more job opportunities and better jobs due to the presence of many more factories and companies. They can work in either the private or the public sector. Promotion prospects and salaries are definitely much better than in the countryside. They can afford better and bigger cars, bigger houses and overseas trips every few years. People living in the countryside usually have to forgo these luxuries.

Whether one would prefer to live in the city or the countryside depends a lot on one’s personality and interests. My interest can only be fulfilled in the city. I am very much a city person. I do not mind visiting the countryside during weekends or stay there for a while but not live in one permanently.

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